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Hello, and thanks for checking out my website. My name is Adam and my passion for woodworking began in Jr High School when I took my first woodshop class and has continued to grow and expand from those early shop classes.

While those shop classes laid a foundation for working with wood and creating things that would endure over time, the practical skills of working and building were primarily developed in the 15 years I served as a Navy Builder with the Seabees. As the Navy’s construction force I served alongside other Seabees and US Marines building and protecting our military infrastructure around the world including Barbados, Yokosuka Japan, and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba during the Haitian and Cuban refugee crisis in the 90’s. My seven years of active duty and eight years in the reserves taught me many skills including concrete, concrete block construction and brick laying, stucco, wood framing, siting, roofing, drywall, and interior finish work.

While continuing to serve the Navy as a reservist, I returned to civilian life doing remodeling and insurance work construction. By this time, I was living in Washington State and learned that there are no rainy-day work stoppages for construction in the Pacific North West. I continued to expand on my skills, and I learned quickly that Interior Finish Carpentry was the best type of carpentry in this region, as you got to be inside and stay warm. For 4 years I worked as a finish carpenter in the Seattle area.

Due to repeated and often debilitating injuries, after 15 years of construction, I realized it would be beneficial to change careers and for the last 12 years I have been working in the medical field as a Radiologic Technologist (X-ray Tech), and now serve as the Radiology PACS Administrator in the same hospital I was first hired at. While this career change has brought new and rewarding opportunities, my love for woodworking has continued and over time I have converted a portion of my garage into a woodshop. Doing side projects as gifts for friends has led to their encouragement to use my skills to bless others. Thus, Seabee Veteran Woodworks was born. I continue to work with materials I’ve loved since Jr High School and get the added joy of making things for others. I would love to take my 30+ years of woodworking knowledge and make something for you! I invite you to contact me!

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